Monday, October 18, 2010

opinionated? me? LMBO

First time ever do i remember having a choice - not that it mattered... I had an opinion... not that it mattered... why did anybody bother to ask when i would learn... not that it mattered...

take the dress - uuuggg I look at the dresses in the photos now and just shake in horror.... there is no way on Gods earth we would dress our little girls like that - too short, too fluffy and too much lace.... {cold shiver runs down my spine}

Our cute little dresses of lace and ruffles, the word "RAGE" was born in my vocabulary... I hated ruffles then and i hate ruffles now.... {red faced} uuuugggghhhh

Ruffles and lace, don't bite, be a lady, don't hit, be sweet, don't get dirty..... AND YOU GAVE ME... 50 acres, 7 horses, two brothers, two sisters, dogs, cats and Lincoln logs that i could practice my long high distance kick on.... - I'm a cowgirl with an opinion and rage, not that it mattered.... and if you don't like this attitude - you are not most likely to adore the next one...

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