Friday, October 22, 2010

Cant touch this!

Oh how simple it was, to remember when,
before we were jaded...
the thought process was so pure and simple to follow... child like you could say...
confidence was a staple served next to the wheaties at breakfast
and mashed potatoes and gravy at dinner.
It was not meal times I ducked and dodged -
being left alone in the house with certain family members
would send me hiding under the bed,
down the street to the neighbors house
Touch became an evil thing...
hugs/touches were the precurser
abuse of some sort was about to follow.
The missing element from the relationship in this "family" unit
trust, praise, uplifting encouragement. pats on the back...
positive touch did not exsist in this group.
its like trying to drink fresh coffee with a straw but no cup...
no matter how you did ANYthing to try - you got burned/hurt

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