Sunday, October 24, 2010


I love the cool nights and the crisp air. This year we have a lot of reds unlike last year... this week is wet and possibly our first snow of the season...
rain, rain, fall to day
give me a holiday...
the garden has been put to rest for the season
and the yard has been put to bed
both are waiting to slip on that fresh crisp sparkle
natures diamonds in the sky in the frost and freeze
grab an extra blanket or shawl
oh rain rain snow snow
im ready for fall to go...
As a child the holiday season was always started with the lighing of the fire places (We had two). The fires were used to warm the house just enough with out using the furnace as the days would warm nicely. The country side would have a layer of wood smoke, a soft gental aroma that ingulfed the complete being from the outisde soothing its way into the soul, ironing nasty stressful wrinkles of the insides.
snap crackle pop of the fire warming my back
note book paper, ink pen and Sears catalogue
making a wish list for Santa
Choosing the top 3 i thought to require
choosing a medium price to not be selfish
wrapped in a blanket to dream of toys
no sugar plums, just gum drops and ribbon candy...
Life was so simple and innocent then; Niavity was native
Autumn was the beginning of school;  suspissious urgancy in the air
when time for chores was a race against the dark
leaves crinkled under our feet, the colors announcing Fall
with its sounds and colors - onset of a special inner peaceful feeling

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  1. Hey friend, I love you! Glad to have you as a friend. Wish we lived closer to each other. Hope all is well with you.